Dismal Cobalt

Dismal Cobalt is a futuristic, angular abstract painting that uses simple shapes to create a complex painting. It focuses intensely on the geometry of a square and the dividing power of the line. This original artwork is an exploration of the evocative power and drama of a very simple and straightforward subject that reaches across time and space and will continually reveal new things about itself to even the most casual of viewers. This painting is truly remarkable in it’s ability to provide an in depth portrait of it’s subject matter in such a small space and with so many details hidden just beneath the surface. The paint is applied in a thick manner which allows the artist to create small incision lines for the appearance of depth. The lines are occasionally dramatically divided by the other lines at work in the piece. The limited color palatte of blue and golden yellow is simple but does not take away from the affect of the piece, but instead enhance it. This painting is a compelling example of all that abstract art can achieve when given freedom to explore it’s subject and free reign over the material that it is portrayed with.

Dismal Cobalt is depicted on a single, square canvas, that allows the subject to divide on its own and enhance the flavor of this original canvas painting. The single canvas painting allows the components to live together on the same canvas, while becoming distinct through the masterful use of color in this work. Also, by virtue of incorporating all the elements of the painting into a single canvas, the artist has given the the painting a feeling of unity despite incorporating very distinct pieces that are meant to be kept very separate. If you enjoy the passion and spareness of this piece, you will surely want to investigate the Modern Canvas section and if you are interested in viewing another original painting that explores the relationship of lines and shapes across multiple canvases, check out Tall and Dark. Dismal Cobalt lt

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