Animal painting artist- Connects you to animals!

Artwork for animals is totally a unique type of art and this is the reason why animal painting artist derive a special importance.

Animal painting artist enable you to bring down the actual emotions of animals and their lifestyle on a canvas. It is surely a difficult thing to connect you with the animals for which hardly anyone bothers about. Hence, they definitely deserve to get good amount of exposure. Do they get enough? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Most people are unable to understand about the talent and art which animal painting artists possess. Portraying animals artistically is not everyone’s cup of tea as you need to feel their emotions.

Many people have an opinion that such artists are funny but this is not at all true. They bring down the replica of animals lives in form of a painting. For true lovers of art, such paintings would be surely a treat as they get to explore a new and unique form of artwork. You must have heard about the wildlife photography. Similar to that, animal painting artist prepare wildlife paintings. It is all about their survival and lifestyle in extreme conditions. It is art form which brings inner side of animals in front of you.

No one can deny the fact that animals are the earliest traces of existence of life on Earth. In fact, animal art also dates back to several decades. It is actually not new but presented by today’s artists in a fresh form. Hence, these artists deserve good appreciation for the kind of work done by them. Every animal thinks differently and even likes distinct things. Beautiful paintings based on animals help you to get closer to your favorite animals. Especially if you are fond of animals or pets; such paintings will definitely allure you.

If you feel that animal painting artist only paint the physicality of animals then it is completely wrong. They paint the things faced by these animals in their lives and even exhibit the emotions and expressions of animals in distinct situations. Once you understand animal art, you will simply love it as you can find these animals so attached to natural surroundings and nature. Animal paintings would look very good if you are installing them in your drawing room or study room. It is an also a good subject of conversation with any of the guests coming to your place.

It is a proven fact that art is never limited to any one aspect. It goes beyond all the boundaries and crosses all the borders. Anything which can be expressed in any form can be converted to an art piece. Animal painting artists does an excellent job of producing wonderful animal art which is astonishing and recommendable!

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Bird painting abstract a great choice for any room

In order to enhance a room of your home or office bird painting abstract can be a very good choice.

At the time when you step in the room you will first notice the art over the wall or other artistic things as these are the things that make the room stand out. The room that does not have any kind of art actually looks very boring in comparison to the ones that have distinctive paintings exhibited. One of the popular choices of many for wall paintings today is bird painting abstract.

Home is the space where one can express style as well as distinctiveness of the individual. A very good way through which you can express is abstract art or by applying motivational art. These are the ones that you usually see at the Art lounge. In case you have bought the right kind of art for the room you will be able to create a right mood for the room.

Today there are lots of people that prefer to have bird painting abstract for homes. Art lovers are realizing the popularity of bird paintings and so are placing these in their rooms. On the basis of the design as well as size of the paintings these bird abstracts will give the feeling of out of the world to the observer. In order to impress the people today there are many who prefer to have bird painting abstract at homes as well as offices.

There are few of the bird painting abstracts are created where the photographer will take pictures of the bird. With this the artist gets adequate time to check out for the details as well as to bring in the work that will be realistic.

In case you check out online you will come across innumerable fine art gallery where you can find bird abstract paintings that are of high quality as well as creativity. Majority of the common kinds of bird arts are on the canvas as well as over various other kinds of prints that can give different appeals.

Irrespective of the room of the house or office for which you want to make this purchase of paintings easy. There are online sites today where you can have a look at these paintings. You can also ask for the quality of the material used for the painting. The one that you select needs to be ordered. The one that you have ordered will be delivered at your doorstep. There are many sites that will also offer you returning back if the painting is different from the one that you have offered.

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Characteristics of the Technique of Traditional Chinese Painting

Characteristics of the Technique of Traditional Chinese Painting

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Chinese Flower and Birds Painting

Free layout: >

The painter can choose different compositions according to the theme of the painting and is neither bounded by

time nor space. For example, the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival (Qingming Festival, when Chinese people visit

ancestral tombs, falls on April 5 or 6 each year) and Ten Thousand Kilometers of Yangtze River drew by Wu Guanzhong

both apply cavalier perspective technique on the composition to achieve the visual effect of free layout.

High generalization and highlighting theme:

The prototypes of Chinese paintings come from life then shape arts after refining, well choosing and further

processing to shape. It does not divorce itself from people’s visual experience and doesn’t deny the logic of

life and focus on using brush strokes, ink and lines to sketch life and art.

On the composition, lines become the primary form then will be supplemented by point and plane.

Through combinations of different types of lines such as light and heavy line, think or clear lines, as well as

different sizes of?abstract and the concrete points and planes, the ?painter can express the shape, quality and

image of the whole painting incisively, vividly and ceaselessly.

When comes to traditional Chinese painting, it

generally refers to China’s traditional art with unique national characteristics, which uses brush, ink stick, ink

slab, paper and pigment to depict both realistic and imaginary Objects. It has many categories; including scroll

painting, mural painting, New-Year pictures, engraving painting and so forth.

Chinese paintings don’t have a strict art category and is not a scientific conception. According to different

tools and materials, it can be categorized into ink-wash painting and color-ink painting, just like oil painting,

water-color painting, engraving painting and gouache painting equally. With different usage, Chinese paintings can

be classified into mural painting, serial pictures, New-Year pictures and illustration. Due to different themes, we

can sort out Chinese paintings into figure painting and landscape painting. With its unique technique and style, it

forms an independent art in the world, on a par with oil painting in the West. As a whole, traditional Chinese

painting pays great attention to presenting the essence of objects, stressing the beauty of form and requiring

pictures to capture both spirit and form and to be replete with vitality and rhythm, which greatly represents the

trend of development of traditional Chinese painting and a defining core value of China’s cultural tradition. It

is an ideal that the Chinese nation has unremittingly pursued and an important component part of Oriental


Diana Getting Out of Her Bath

Diana was Artemis in the Greek myth and also the moon goddess and Artemis. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, also the twin sisters of Apollo. Two nude figures in the painting, the right one was Diana with moon ornaments on her head. She was famous for her beauty and cruelty. The painter objective was not the myth itself, but referred to the female naked body in the palace of Louis XV. Reportedly, what the artist painted was the special model in the studio-Miufei sister. The painter made the ideal processing. From the shape and color performance, this painting was a superior work. However, this Francois Boucher painting was too beautiful and exciting. Jose and Leto gave birth to the sun goddess Apollo and Luna Diana. Diana was the goddess of Artemis. The two sisters were always what the painter liked to depict.

Francois Boucher was committed to depicting the goddess who had the tender and rosy body and delicate skin. In this painting, the kitsch style of the human body was stroke out. This Mythological painting for sale was more of the beauty getting out of the bath of Louis XV than the mythological goddess. The painter tried to portray the body beauty of naked women, tiny limbs, soft and white skin, plump and solid body. The naked body was very sexy and attractive. The curve extending from the neck to the arm and chest was very bright and dazzling to the eyes. One critic believed that the goddess bathing painting was the most artistic nude painting of Boucher. Here, not only her young body, delicate wrists and ankles, but also her graceful posture and slightly reflected light showed an excess of exquisite.

The things placed nearby showed the hunting bows of the goddess, hound and prey as inconsistent with the character style. The painting featured the main characters Diana and the maid. The painter deliberately focused on the feminine and delicate body and noble temperament. In fact, the figures in the painting were the sister of two special models Miufei. The artist gave the painting with the ideal and full modeling accuracy and rich sense of color terms, which was worthy of a masterpiece of Boucher.

Evaluation of Primavera (1)

From the painting techniques, the painting Primavera did not adopt the oil painting techniques which were popular in Flanders, but used the traditional tempera. Since the translucent egg made the color form a hard and transparent color after dry, so in this painting, we could feel the close to watercolor purity and transparent effect. In the painting history, there were many works depicting spring. However, there was a work comparable to the Primavera of Botticelli.

Although Primavera was not a religious painting, it also followed some religious traditions of painting. The plants surrounded by love and the God of love and beauty formed a natural arch, which made people reminiscent of the virgin paintings. Placing the Eros Venus in the center of the frame also conformed the most important Christian virtues: love. Botticelli’s treatment of the three Graces could be said to be unprecedented, because before him, no painter painted the female body so sensual. But also somebody thought, the three Graces could thus be in rags, because they were the goddess who gave people a kind of without evil joy (and Christianity “heavenly joy” similar, and median).Venus was to bring people to enjoy the unique beauty of elegance.

The painting Primavera was indeed a technical triumph in painting. Its exquisite cloth, excellent brush strokes, superb painting skills, the very beauty of the human body, as well as the difficult patterning all reflected the genius artistic level of Botticelli. This painting was worthy of the representative work of the early renaissance.